"Which is worse? The wolf who cries before eating the lamb or the wolf who does not."— Leo Tolstoy

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Periodistas Asesinados - Murdered Journalists

The link above connects to a graphic list of the journalists in Mexico who have been killed in the drug violence since January 2000.  If you buy illegal drugs for recreational use this is the price others pay for your fun.

The images are from the Spanish language blog Los Queremos Vivos, which roughly translates to "Let Them Live." When it comes to being a journalist, this is where "the rubber hits the road;" where slogans like "speaking truth to power" really mean something. Often, it means your life. It is a high price to pay for practicing your profession. A price that hundreds of journalists have paid in dozens of countries around the world.

There are reporters in the United States who only see journalism as a means to an end; either a cushy Government job as a spokesperson or a communications consultant in a campaign/lobbying firm. They check their "standing" on MEDIAite's "Power Grid" and live for a cable news contract and the next invitation to a White House state dinner, They may have  journalism degrees but they don't have any idea what it really means to be a journalist and never will.

Vaya con Dios.

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