"Which is worse? The wolf who cries before eating the lamb or the wolf who does not."— Leo Tolstoy

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Advocacy 101: When You're on a Roll Don't Try to Change The Message or The Image

This item is from the Occupy Wall Street Calendar of Events for Monday, October 3rd:
 Everyone come dressed as a corporate zombie! This means jacket and tie if possible, white face, fake blood, eating monopoly money, and doing a slow march, so when people come to work on Monday in this neighborhood they see us reflecting the metaphor of their actions. Tell your friends, Facebook it, Twitter it, and it can be MJ Thriller-style too! Create a different image than police brutality!
As far as images go, I think the image to go for is  more Susan B. Anthony or Martin Luther King than Wavy Gravy.  Do they not realize that the September 24h protest - including the videos of the police assaulting peaceful protestors - is the catalyst that is in the process of transforming their movement into a major media event.  The message should be about police brutality and free expression.  Don't run from it, embrace it, use it and change it.

Although I must admit it would be pretty cool - as I am sure Eric Cartman would agree -  to see zombies being arrested and beaten on Wall Street if you didn't realize there were creative young people underneath the makeup.

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