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Monday, October 31, 2011

Occupy Wall Street Meets Nazizona - Happy Halloween From Joe Arpaio's Favorite Fascist - Threatens on Video to Kill Illegals - Then Detains Immigrants at Gunpoint While Dressed in Military Combat Uniform - No Intervention From the Obama Justice Department? Not Fast But I'm Furious!

Updated on November 1st, 2011  

"When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro."
 - Hunter S. Thompson 
Leave it to Arizona's Occupy Phoenix to morph into some creepy psychotic freak show just in time for Halloween.

The camouflaged border blimp in this video is J.T. Ready, who is well known as a neo-fascist ally of Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio. In 2007, Ready was honored by the Phoenix New Times' Best of Phoenix issue with the dubious distinction of being the Best Big Fat White Supremacist.  He has since "left" the national socialist movement and has remade himself as an anti-immigration activist who was once a duly elected Republican precinct committeeman in the Arizona Republican Party. You will notice that the person recording the video initially mistakes Ready for a border patrol officer.

One prominent anti-OWS website cited Ready's appearance as evidence of the protest movement venality, while another website documents the bewildering response of the more progressive Occupy Phoenix protestors to the presence of avowed racists, dressed like soldiers, with loaded military rifles.  In reality, Ready is not at the Occupy Phoenix rally to protect or support the protestors.  He is there for two reasons.  First, he is there because there are television cameras there and, like Arpaio, he is a shameless media whore.  Second, he is there to intimidate Hispanics from participating in the Occupy Phoenix protest.

I would love to show you a video documenting the association between Ready and Arpaio but it was removed from YouTube by a bogus copyright complaint from Harry L. Hughes III, one of Ready's national socialist playmates.

Here's a video of someone - perhaps the same person that posted the original video - confronting Hughes for having his video pulled from YouTube because it contained a copy of a photo Hughes took of Ready with Joe Arpaio.  In this video Hughes embraces the accusation that he is a racist:

In 2002, Joe Arpaio arrested actor Nick Tarr on Halloween for impersonating a law enforcement officer.  Tarr was dressed in an outdated Arizona Department of Public Safety shirt and a pair of Arpaio's pink boxer shorts. Yet Arpaio has no problem allowing these anti-immigration activists to run around in camouflaged desert fatigues with a State flag patch on their shoulders while carrying loaded AR-15s.  

These are some realistic and very scary "Halloween" costumes.  Particularly for the undocumented immigrants J.T. Ready's group is detaining, although I'm sure they appreciated having water poured into their mouths for them.

These photos were taken by Harry L. Hughes III in July of last year and are still posted on his blogfrom which they are linked under the "fair use" protection of U.S. copyright law. The photos are not hosted on my blog but are visible because they are linked to from their original location on Mr. Hughes' blog.  If the photos were deleted by Mr. Hughes, or the link changed, they would cease to be visible on this blog.

Mr. Hughes is on notice that if he makes the same kind of bogus copyright infringement claim that he used to censor the video on YouTube, he can expect me to file a DMCA Counter notification of "fair use." Theoretically, Mr. Hughes will then have two weeks to file a copyright infringement lawsuit or watch as the images are restored and I file a lawsuit against him.

J.T. Ready and his buddies rely on these uniforms to confuse and intimidate the Hispanics they
round up on their immigration patrols who Ready has said on video they are prepared to kill:

Here's J.T. Ready in another scary "Halloween" costume:

In this 2009 video J.T. Ready is doing his best Eric Cartman imitation as he rails against Jews while protesting a Hispanic day labor center in California:

I find it amazing that for the last three years  self-identified Nazi's  have been running around the Arizona desert impersonating the U.S. Military and detaining undocumented immigrants without any Federal intervention whatsoever.  In fact, the photographs on Hughes' website reflect that the U.S. Border Patrol cooperates with Ready's group by taking  it's prisoners into custody without arresting Ready or his followers.

This is exactly the kind of activity that the U.S. Code's criminal civil rights laws were designed to punish and yet Janet Napolitano, Eric Holder and President Obama have failed to even open an investigation into Ready's group for Federal civil rights violations.  This is in spite of the fact that video of Ready's threat to kill illegal aliens has been on YouYube for well over a year, and has been cited in a number of mainstream news outlets including a Gawker article last summer and a Tucson Citizen article in November.

Meanwhile, the Federal Government's erstwhile investigation of Joe Arpaio for racial profiling has languished for over 1,000 days, and there is no sign that there will be any result in the near future, if ever.  The failure to investigate Ready, and the failure to finalize the investigation of Arpaio, can only be explained as reflecting a cynical desire to avoid disturbing the illegal immigration hornet's nest during an election year.

Back to the Arizona OWS video. It is legal in Arizona to carry firearms openly. This includes both handguns and military-style rifles. However, it is not legal to threaten people with firearms. Under Arizona's justification statute, a reasonable person who feels that he/she or another person is in imminent danger of death or serious bodily injury is allowed to use deadly force in self defense. Arguably, the statute is a nullity since it has yet to be established that there are any reasonable people left in Arizona.  

Typically, a shooter who is not about to fire a sling carried rifle would have the rifle on his shoulder hanging upside down from the sling. You will notice in the video that J.T. Ready is carrying his AR-15 in the low-ready position. It appears that he is using a tactical sling  which is used by police SWAT teams and combat troops.  This is a shortened sling that clips to a tactical vest and keeps the weapon at a low ready position when the gun is not in immediate use.  Typically, a shooter that is using a tactical sling anticipates the imminent use of his weapon in close quarters combat.  I would view Ready's use of a tactical sling to carry his AR-15 in the low-ready position  as a threat that he is about to use his weapon and am amazed that the Phoenix PD allowed him to carry the rifle in this manner. If his muzzle were tipped up just a few inches a reasonable person might be justified in shooting him with impunity under Arziona law.

If J.T. Ready really wants to assert his First and Second Amendment Rights he should come to New York City and show up at Zuccotti Park dressed like this while carrying his AR-15 and see how NYPD responds.


  1. the government should give them some funding and let them hire some ex millitary thats unemployed and hire them to go down there and help the illegal`s out!

  2. I think you missed te intent of the 1st video here, I'm sure the guy is just playing naive, giving the fat nazi enough rope to hang himself with!

  3. What a thoroughly nasty bunch. As a Brit I really can't understand why anybody would let any of these guys have a gun, even a single shot muzzle loader!