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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Prostitution Convictions Vacated for Victim of Sex Trafficking.

Courtesy of nysacdl.org
 . . .  a New York County Court has vacated the prostitution convictions of a defendant under the 2010 amendments to CPL 440.10 which allow for the vacating prostitution convictions where the defendant can show she was the victim of sex trafficking. As demonstrated in this recent decision, the new law can be a powerful aid to those whose circumstances (youth, lack of education, poverty, immigration status to name a few) leave them vulnerable to abuse and enslavement as prostitutes. Here, the defendant was a Brazilian immigrant who over stayed a tourist visa. As her immigration status became murky, she was blackmailed into becoming a prostitute in order to avoid being reported to INS and deported. NYSACDL board member Wayne Bodden represented the defendant and is commended for his excellent work – 87 convictions vacated and charges dismissed. People v. Gonzalez

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