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Sunday, July 31, 2011

WTF! Biden charging Secret Service for cottage rental - Washington Times

The Washington Times reports:

The U.S. Secret Service does more than protect Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. — the agency also pays him rent.Since April, Mr. Biden has collected more than $13,000 from the agency charged with protecting him and his family for use of a rental cottage adjacent to the waterfront home he owns in a Wilmington, Del., suburb.Mr. Biden, listed not as vice president in federal purchasing documents but as a “vendor,” is eligible for up to $66,000 by the time the government contract expires in the fall of 2013, the records show

Biden charging Secret Service for cottage rental - Washington Times

Vice-President Biden is always good for a little comic relief, but rarely do we get such a sleazy WTF moment from No. 2. This is the guy who used to take the train between Delaware and Washington every night when he was a Senator in order to save the expense of an apartment in Washington D.C. Since he was riding Amtrak, which is a Federally subsidized business, why doesn't the Federal government charge him office rent for the time he spent working on the train between Washington, D.C., and Delaware. If you calculate that over his 20+ year Senate career that should just about be a wash.

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