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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Amazon in the UK: Biggest gainers in sports sales over past 24 hours are - American Baseball Bats: Now that's not cricket!


"Movers and Shakers" is an Amazon.com feature that identifies the biggest gainers in sales rank compared to twenty four hours previously. Among the biggest gainers in sporting goods being purchased in the riot scarred United Kingdom is law enforcement tactical clubs and American baseball bats. Apparently cricket bats aren't sufficient to fend off the rioters who have made life in London a tad uncomfortable.   Londoners must resort to sporting goods for self defense due to the UK's strict gun laws which make it difficult to protect your family's store from a pack of looters.  Cricket is the UK sport whose name has become synonymous with fair play.  But what use is a sport if you don't have something handy to kill your opponent with if you lose?

Amazon.co.uk Movers and Shakers: The biggest gainers in Sports & Leisure sales rank over the past 24 hours

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