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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

McCain "Not Sorry" For Saying "Tea Party Hobbits"

Somehow it doesn't surprise me -- with an unemployment rate in double digits, a looming world economic crisis, rioting in the streets of London and tanks crushing protesters in Syria -- that the main concern of voters in Arizona is whether Senator John McCain will apologize for calling members of the Tea Party Hobbits.   Now that all the heavy lifting is over with the passage of  legislation establishing the State's official gun, Arizona can  move on to more important things.

I thought Rand Paul took care of the "Hobbit" problem by delivering the best one liner of the 2011 political season. When asked by CNN's John King whether he was bothered that Senator McCain called members of the Tea Party Hobbits, Senator Paul, without missing a beat, told King: "I'd rather be a Hobbit than a Troll."

In the first place, there are no Hobbits, at least in Arizona. They were all deported to middle earth by Sheriff Joe Arpaio a long time ago.  Joe Arpaio is a real Troll, although there is not a bridge in Arizona big enough for him to hide under.

Second, sticks and stones. Get over it already.

It's also better than being called  "terrorists" by the Vice President of the United States:

Be thankful for small blessings.

McCain "Not Sorry" For Saying "Tea Party Hobbits" On Senate Floor | RealClearPolitics

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