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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

How To Protest In New York City | Mike Cane's xBlog

How To Protest In New York City | Mike Cane's xBlog:
"First of all, recognize that you are going up against the NYPD.
The NYPD mainly doesn’t live in New York City. They come from Long Island. They hate New York City. And they basically act like any occupying army does. And they hate protests. Although a protest can generate overtime, it keeps them away from their families and upsets their schedules. You are not a “duty calls” emergency. You are an annoyance. So they have even more reason to hate your ass."
This hadn't really occurred to me before, but I think Mike Caine might be right.  

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  1. And the oldest trick in the book is for cops to swap their badges so when you say that a blond cop with a mustache called Office Davis assualted you, the police will say that Officer Davis is a redhead and is clean shaven, so you must have made a mistake.